My Version of The Thirty Sucks Cake!

I was asked to make a “Thirty sucks, but we’re gonna make it sweet” cake.  You are probably thinking what I was thinking at the time:  Hunh!!!  I needed an explanation of what she was looking for, then I understood.  This was to be a fun cake, it was to be very vibrant in colors and decorated with candy.  The main focus was to put lollipops, thus suckers, for “Thirty Sucks”.  I started with a rough sketch, I do mean “rough”, I am not an artist by any means.After I thought about the colors and design of the cake I wanted to make the inside of the cake “pop” with color, so I decided to dye the batter three different shades.  I went with bright orange, bright pink and lemon yellow shades.  Dollop three large spoonfuls of each color over the white batter, then swirl them together with a butter knife.Ever since doing this with the Jelly Bean Cake, I have been on a roll of coloring cake batter.  I think this looks very festive when the cake is cut.  I just think white cake is just; too white!

I had so much fun going to different candy stores and searching for the colors of candies that I wanted to use on this cake.  I went with Necco Wafers, they have such a variety of colors in one roll, candy buttons,(remember the retro candy drops on white paper, I recall eating a lot of that white paper when I was little) swirled lollipops, flower shaped glass sugar suckers and pink striped tulles that I found at a dollar store.

Now I began the layering of the cakes.  I still get nervous stacking cakes, I do make sure to put plenty of dowel rods in between the layers, but I still have nightmares that my cakes will sink into each other and disappear!  Wow, this sounds like a bigger issue as I am typing it!

Base layer is lime green with Necco wafers and candy buttons decor.  This color was the shade of slime, quite lovely!The next layer was shocking pink!  I used the pink striped tulles, using buttercream as pillars.Last was the topper of the cake.  This was a sunny orange shade with scallops of buttercream on the sides and droplets of candy buttons.

In order to transport the cake safely, I decided to put the topper cake on upon arriving to the hall and put on the final decorations and borders there also.  The finished product!  This has to be one of the most enjoyable cakes I have made.  I love to use funky colors and unusual decor, it is all about creativity.  So take your kids to the candy store, (I am sure they won’t mind) let them pick out whatever they would like.  Then go home and make a candy cake together.  You don’t have to make scratch cake and frosting if you don’t have the time.  Doing this project will bring out the “kid” in you again!