Do the Baby Bump!

I was asked to make a Baby Bump cake for a baby shower. I must be out of the loop because the only bump I knew of was from the disco era of “doing the bump” dance. So I googled Baby Bump cake and was amazed at what I saw.  There were so many photos of different styles of bump cakes. This must be a trend for baby showers that I wasn’t aware of.

The Baby Bump Cake, let’s call it BBC, is the torso of a pregnant woman, emphasizing the boobers and of course, the bump. All of the cakes that I viewed were covered in fondant. I am not fond of fondant, I don’t care for the taste, but if this is what the client wants this is what I shall make.

I hadn’t covered a cake in fondant ever, in Pastry Arts school we didn’t even work with fondant as a couverture. So this was going to be a new experience for me.

The colors for the shower were lavender and pink, so I made the dress lavender with pink polka dots. A tip from, when adding color to fondant put the gel paste in the middle of the fondant piece, then fold over to knead in the coloring. When you do this the gel coloring does not get all over your hands.

Dust your work table with powder sugar, I learned that fondant can be very sticky while you are rolling it out, also, rotate the fondant piece to make sure it is not stuck to your work table. I think I used too much powder sugar because the fondant to me looked too dry. I dusted off as much of the sugar as I could and started to enrobe the cake.

I will  have to practice with fondant on a daily basis to learn the proper technique.  As with anything new, the more you do it the easier it gets!

I did learn that buttercream hides a multitude of sins with my fondant experience, any tears in the coverture I covered with a polka dot! As you can see from the photo of the BBC it sure has a lot of polka dots on the dress!

I would love to know techniques you have used to work with fondant, any helpful hints that you could pass on to us beginners!