Buttery Brioche in Muffin Tins

I didn’t plan on a French recipe again, but I made some Chicken Noodle Soup and I wanted a buttery bun to go with it. Because Brioche has eggs and butter in the recipe this is the bun I am after, soft, tender and buttery inside.

I don’t have a special Brioche pan, so I use my Jumbo muffin pan, if you only have a regular size muffin pan then this recipe will make 24, compared to 12 for the Jumbo pan.

Flaky Butter Brioches

  • 4 1/2 Cup Flour
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 2 pkg Active Dry Yeast
  • 1 1/4 Cup Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Butter (one stick)
  • 3 eggs (2 for dough, 1 for egg wash)

Butter your Jumbo muffin tin, or 2 regular muffin tins (24 total)

Combine the flour, sugar, salt, and yeast into a mixing bowl.  Heat up the milk and butter until the butter melts.  Don’t let it come to a boil, you can test the temperature of the milk on your wrist, like checking the temperature of a baby bottle.(120 degree)  Pour warmed milk and butter into the flour mixture, blend on low speed, add the 2 eggs and mix together on medium speed for 3 minutes. By hand, mix in an additional 2 Cups of flour. On a floured table knead in another 1/4 Cup of flour for about 3 minutes.  This is the only knead time for this dough.

If you are making 24 buns, cut the dough into 4 equal parts,  set one part to the side, cut the remaining 3 big parts into 8 pieces each, giving you 24 pieces.  You can eyeball the size while cutting.  With the one part that is unused, cut into 24 small pieces. Now roll the 24 larger pieces into balls and place them into the greased muffin tins.  With the 24 smaller pieces roll them into balls, with your pointer finger make a deep indentation into the balls in the tin and top each with a small ball.  Press down on the smaller ball to make sure it is secured.

If using the Jumbo muffin tin, as I did, then you will cut the dough into 4 equal parts, then take 3 parts and cut them into 4 each, making a total of 12 pieces.  Proceed as above, roll them and put them into the muffin tins.  With the last part of dough cut that into 12 pieces and roll into little balls.  Topping the larger balls with the smaller ones.

Cover, let rise 45 minutes.  I usually let them rise in the oven, away from any drafts when it is cold in my kitchen.  If I don’t need both oven racks I take out one and use it as a cooling rack.  I never bought a cooling rack because this works the same.

Uncover the Brioches, Preheat the oven to 350 degrees,  Brush them with the remaining beaten egg.  This will give them a nice golden sheen. Bake for 22 minutes, odd amount I know, but any longer they tend to be dry.  They will be a nice golden brown.  Take out of tins and put on a cooling rack, don’t use top ball to pull them out of tins, use a spatula, I tried pulling with the top ball and of course the ball pop off. (now a brioche without its’ traditional shape)I prefer to eat them warm, pull them apart and put a pat of butter on them. Just like an oreo cookie some people save the middle for last, with a Brioche I save the top ball for last! The texture is tender and moist inside, with the outside somewhat crisp.  They were something different to serve with soup, rather than the usual crackers. Another easy French inspired recipe.  I especially like the short kneading time.  If you think the toppers are too big, you can always make the top balls smaller.  Just an afterthought as I looked at these Brioches, they could easily look like a peep for Easter dinner, after they cool use a skewer to put three holes into the top ball, two for eyes, one for the beak and fill the eyes with a raisin that has been cut in half, then use a whole raisin for the beak!