Ciabatta Bread Cha-Cha!

I was in search of a really good Ciabatta bread recipe. I searched on-line to no avail, the recipes I viewed had a twenty-four hour starter. This would be too time consuming for a commercial business. You see, I needed to make a loaf of Ciabatta for my edible resume for an interview. I had never made Ciabatta before, so I wanted a recipe that was straight-forward.

I looked through a variety of bread books at the library, tried a few recipes, but I was not thrilled with the texture. The Ciabattas that I made did not have the large holes that this bread is known for, nor the chewy crust. As I read through the bread books I did learn the origin of the name; Ciabatta means “slipper”, that is why the dough is elongated in shape.

I scoured the internet again, and I found this recipe Jason’s Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread. Jason you are the man! This bread only takes four and a half hours total time and is absolutely fantastic! Follow his directions, he will not steer you wrong. As you can see in the picture below, there are the holes (caused by yeast fermenting and expelling carbon dioxide) that are characteristic of Ciabatta bread.Jason you have me doing the Ciabatta Cha- Cha! I am so excited about finding your recipe and you are spot on with texture, airiness, taste and the crusty chew.

You must try this recipe, this bread would be delish with a spaghetti dinner.  So when you are ready to serve, don’t just walk this bread to the table, make sure you cha-cha the Ciabatta to your guests!

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