Smash Cakes

The new trend for a one year olds birthday is the smash-cake. I was introduced to this over a year ago when I made a castle cake for a friend’s sons’ first birthday party. When she said that she would like a smash cake too, I said for who and why? Then I was told that every one year old now has their own cake to smash and smoosh until they cannot smash no more. Well, I guess this saves the real cake from being demolished by the birthday boy or girl. This was news to me because I never had the privilege of having my own cake to smash to smithereens!

I started to think about what would a one year old like to smash, hmmm… why not a crazy looking frog! So that began my introduction into the smash cake world. I now hollow out the bottom of the round cake in order to fill it with extra buttercream to make the smashing of the cake more enjoyable and extra smooshilicious!

I just hope that I am not contributing to a future generation of kids that go to birthday parties and start smashing the birthday boy or birthday girl’s cake. They may start having crazy frog cake flashbacks and cannot control the urge to smash, smoosh and smear the buttercream off of the cake!

I would love to hear about your smash cake stories and post pictures!