Fondant Sugar Flowers

I just made some fondant sugar flowers.  I hadn’t made them since pastry school, over seventeen years ago.  So I went to my bakery supply store on a mission to buy the Wilton kit and caboodle, and rediscovered how to make them.

I started as soon as I got home.  I laid out my kit on the kitchen table and got ready to color the fondant various shades of blues and purples.  Next I chose the cutters that looked the easiest to roll out, I chose the apple blossom, pansy and large daisy cutters.  I preceded to cut and roll out the pedals of each flower as directed in the handbook.  They are drying now and tomorrow I will use some royal icing to place stamens in the centers.  They turned out better than I thought they would but I am not close to being a flower sugar artist. Yet!

As I read further on in the handy handbook of sugar flowers I found out that I would need floral tape and floral wire. I didn’t have these items on hands, so my flowers will be cascading over the cake without stems or wires.  This week I will buy more supplies and continue to practice on my sugar flower making skills.  I would love to learn more about making sugar flowers and the different techniques that are used to make them look so realistic! Do you have any tips?

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