Your First Baking Experience

My childhood memories seem to revolve around the kitchen table.  Someone was always cooking or baking something. I remember the comforting aroma of polish sausage or coffeecake in the morning.  I still prefer to hang out in my kitchen, there is something about sharing food with loved ones that satisfies your soul.

One of my fondest memories of baking would be baking cookies with my mother. I must of been seven years old or so, we were making Marys’ Sugar Cookies from the red Betty Crocker book.  The smell of vanilla and butter still lingers in my senses. We would roll out the dough together and cut out various shapes. The part I enjoyed most was making a paint out of egg yolk, water and food coloring.  We would paint the raw cookies using a small paint brush.  After they were baked, the egg yolk paint had a shiny finish to it and a smoothness you could feel on your tongue.

Baking instilled a feeling of accomplishment, pride and enjoyment then and even now. I get a thrill when someone enjoys a dessert as much as I enjoyed making it for them. I am a people pleaser through my pastries.

I would like to hear about your first baking experience. Do you recall with whom you baked with and what age you were at the time. Could you describe your feelings when you took that first bite of your freshly baked goodie!

One thought on “Your First Baking Experience

  1. Everything looks yummy…since I’ve become a chocolate freak, love the cookies, will have to try…
    Keep it up, you are so talented & should be proud.
    Take care sis,

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